Saturday, July 12, 2014

Video & Photos: From around the world - Protests for Gaza and Palestine against Israel's aggression.

Dear friends,
hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have taken to the streets in the last few days to protest Israel's latest aggression and war crimes in Gaza (and its ongoing collective punishment of the Occupied West Bank).  Here are a selection of videos and photos from the various world-wide protests.  I will update Live from Occupied Palestine with more photos and videos, as they come to hand.

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in solidarity, Kim


March for Palestine, New York City, 9 July 2014

Tel Aviv protest against Israel's occupation 
and bombing of Gaza, 9 July 2014

Dublin, Ireland - 12 July

Protest for Gaza in Ramallah, Occupied Palestine 
- 9 July. Photo by Abbas Hamideh.

Protest for Palestine, New York City, 9 July. 
Photo via Foreign Policy

 Protest against Israel's assault on Gaza in Chicago, USA 
- 9 July. Photo by Bill Chambers

 Protest against Israel's war crimesin Seoul, South Korea 
- 10 July. Photo by Jong Kim

10,000 march for Palestine in London - 11 July.
Photo: Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Protest for Gaza, Birmingham UK - 11 July

Tunisia. 11 July. Photo via Daily Mail.

Protests against Israel's aggression in Spain, 11 July. 
Photo via FB.

 Oslo, Norway - 11 July. Photo via twitter.
 Paris, France - 11 July. Photo via Daily Mail.

Rome, Italy - 11 July. Photo via AFP.

Protest in Tokyo, Japan against Israel's war on Gaza 
- 11 July. Photo by Emi Nadaka

 Brisbane, Australia - 11 July. Photo by David Albuquerque

 Edinburgh, Scotland - 12 July 
(via Protest for Palestine on FB)

 Istanbul, Turkey - 12 July. 
Photo by International Humanitarian Relief

Mexico City, Mexico - 12 July. Photo by Tony (via twitter)

Melbourne, Australia - 12 July. Photo by Kim Bullimore

Perth, Australia - 12 July. Photo by Vinil Kae.

Protest for Gaza in Yemen - 12 July. Photo by ML Palestine.

Stockholm. 12 July. Photo via Twitter.

Toronto, Canada - 12 July. Photo by Noa Shaindlinger.

Ottowa, Canada - 12 July. Photo by Dylan Penner.

Caracas, Venezuela - 12 July. Photo via FB.

Los Angels, USA - 12 July. Photo by Mike Prysner.
Sydney, Australia - 13 July. Photo by Alma Red

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