Sunday, July 20, 2014

Reporting from Gaza: The Shejaiya Massacre

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Israel has carried out a brutal and cold blooded massacre in Gaza City over the last 24 hours, murdering more than 100 Palestinians in Shejaiya. The death toll is now in excess of 440 people. More than 135,000 Palestinians have been displaced from their homes and hundreds of homes completely destroyed.

There is nothing nuanced or complex about what is happening. It's mass murder and ethnic cleansing by an apartheid genocidal state against an oppressed and occupied people, who have no where to run or hide.

Our governments continue to turn a blind eye, so it is up to us to take a stand and make our voices heard. Join the rallies in your city, but also join the Palestinian BDS campaign. Write letters, hold stalls, organise solidarity films, get your community groups, church groups and unions to move motions condemning Israel's mass murder and take a stand in support of humanity and the Palestinian people.

I don't even know how to describe this post, except that it is an attempt to bear witness to Israel's murderous genocidal actions against the Palestinian people, to recognise the humanity of the Palestinian people and to say that you are not alone and you are not forgotten. 

The tweets included in this post are from the following journalists, photographers and bloggers: (click on their names to go directly to their twitter account):

Sherine Tadros - Sky News journalist in Gaza 
Zein Ja'far - Sky News Producer 
Gaza Writes Back - blogger/writer
Gaza Youth Break Out - Palestinian youth group based in Gaza.
Mohammed Suliman - Gazan blogger (see also his article on Gaza in Alkhabar)
Jon Jensen - CNN Producer
Lazar Simeonov - freelance photographer
Peter Beaumont - Guardian journalist in Gaza
Emilie Baujard - French independent journalist 
Noah Browning - Reuters journalist
Stephen Hird - Cameraman, Channel 4
AJELive - Al Jazeera English Live
Anne Paq - French independent journalist & photographer, who also part of the works Israeli based anti-occupation activist photography collective, ActiveStills 
I have posted three earlier posts in this "Reporting from Gaza" series, which include a selection of tweets from international journalists/photographers and Palestinian citizen journalists, photographers and bloggers in Gaza. 
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