Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Reporting from Gaza: Gaza in the aftermath of the Shejaiya Massacre

Dear friends,
the death toll from Israel's massacre in Shejaiya in Gaza City and its indiscriminate assault on Gaza has continued to rise. There are now more than 580 Palestinians dead, the majority of whom are civilians - mainly women and children.  As I noted in my previous post about the situation on the ground in Gaza,  there is nothing nuanced or complex about what is happening. It's mass murder and ethnic cleansing by an apartheid genocidal state against an oppressed and occupied people, who have no where to run or hide. 

As the governments of the world bury their heads in the sand, it is up to us to make our voices heard. Once again this coming week and weekend, there are protests around the world in support of Gaza (for details of Australian rallies, please click here).

Please join them and bring your family and friends. Please also think about how you can raise public awareness about what is happening in Gaza and Palestine: Write letters, hold stalls, organise solidarity films, get your community groups, church groups and unions to move motions condemning Israel's mass murder and take a stand in support of humanity and the Palestinian people.

Once again, here is a selection of tweets from both both international journalists and Palestinian citizen journalists who are reporting from on the ground in Gaza, as well as aid workers.

The tweets included in this post are from the following journalists, photographers and bloggers: (click on their names to go directly to their twitter account):

Ayman Mohyeldin - Egyptian reporter, reporting for NBC
Maram Humaid - Gaza blogger 
Peter Beaumont - Guardian journalist in Gaza
Gregg Carlstrom - Al Jazeera English
Sharif Kouddous - Independent journalist in Gaza, reporting for Democracy Now
UNRWA - UN Relief and Works Agency

In solidarity, Kim 



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