Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Videos from Ein Hijleh: life, solidarity, resistance

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activists have posted a number of videos from Ein Hijleh over the last few days.  Some simply depict life and activity in Ein Hijleh, others include interviews with Palestinian activists about Ein Hijleh and popular resistance and others show resistance to attempts by Israel's occupation forces to invade and intimidate the village.

Here are a few of the videos, which show life, solidarity and resistance.

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 Ein Hijleh Village: Interview with Mustafa Barghout - on the reclamation of village
Video by Luca Tamimi. Length: 4.13 mins. 

Life in Ein Hijleh: Palestinian songs and happiness. 
Video by Luca Tamimi. Length: 1.36 mins.

Nabi Saleh residents protest Israel's occupation in their village and then travel to Ein Hijleh to participate in the repopulation of the village. Video By Bilal Tamimi. Length: 12.03 mins

 Ein Hijleh residents protest the taking down of their sign on the entrance of the village by Israeli Occupation Forces. IOF open fire with rubber bullets and teargas. 
Video by Fadel AlMufaqara. Length: 7 mins. 

Voice of Palestine interviews Diana Alzeer, a spokesperson for the Palestinian Popular Struggle Coordination Committee. Live report from the Melh Al-ard (Salt of the Earth) campaign to revive Ein Hijleh Village in the Jordan Valley, as well as discussing the popular resistance in Palestine in general. Audio only. Length 41.20 mins.

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