Saturday, February 1, 2014

More photos and video from Day 1 of Palestinian Jordan valley protest village, Ein Hijleh

Dear friends, 
as you will be aware from my earlier post, more than 500 Palestinians have reclaimed and repopulated the village of Ein Hijleh in the Jordan Valley to protest Israel's ethnic cleansing and colonisation. 

You can read my earlier post with the statement issued by activists on the establishment of the protest village and initial photo round up here.

in solidarity, Kim

Arabic news report on Ein Hijleh

All photos by HAITHAM AL-KHATIB from Bil'in village

IOF stop Mohammed al-Khatib from Bilin as Bilin activist attempt to reach Ein Hijleh

Arrival in Ein Hijleh 

 Arrival in Ein Hijleh 

Getting to work in the village

 Reclaiming the village

Preparing the village for habitation

Preparing  the village for habitation

 Palestinian man hangs flag as Israeli Occupation soldiers look on 

 Israeli Occupation soldier sitting in front of one of the reclaimed buildings

 Reclaiming Ein Hijleh

 Preparing for evening

 Fires in the evening to keep warm

 Young girl tending the fire

Singing and dancing in Ein Hijleh

Relaxing in the evening

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