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UPDATE: Day 2 in Palestinian Jordan Valley protest village, Ein Hijleh

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Palestinian activists and international supporters are currently spending their second night in the Palestinian protest village, Ein Hijleh.  On 31 January, more than 500 Palestinians from all across the West Bank reclaimed and repopulated Ein Hijleh in protest against Israel's ongoing ethnic cleansing and colonisation of the Jordan Valley.  The day before the activists reclaimed Ein Hijleh, Israel continued its ethnic cleanings in the Jordan Valley, demolishing 36 Palestinian homes in Ain el-Helwe leaving 66 people, including 36 children homeless. 

On Friday, Palestinian activists reclaiming and repopulationg Ein Hijleh issued a statement saying:
We, the daughters and sons of Palestine, announce today the revival of Ein Hijleh village as part of Melh Al-Ard campaign in the Jordan Valley. The action aims at refusing the political status quo, especially given futile negotiations destroying the rights of our people for liberation and claim to their land.
The activists went on to say:
From the village of Ein Hijleh, we the participants announce that we hold tight to our right to all occupied Palestinian lands. We refuse Kerry’s Plan that will establish a disfigured Palestinian state and recognizes the Israeli entity as a Jewish State. Such a state will turn Palestinians living inside lands occupied in 1948 into residents and visitors that can be deported at anytime. We affirm the unity of our people and their struggle wherever they are for our inalienable rights.
The full statement by activists in Ein Hijleh can be read here.
Activists in the village have reported that on the second evening of the protest action that Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have begun to impose siege on Ein Hijleh.  The IOF have surrounded the village and havew been firing flares into the evening sky in order to light the area to monitor the village.  Activists also report that the IOF have established flying checkpoints to prevent people entering the village and have arrested 8 activists from Bilin village who were attempting to reach Ein Hijleh. The IOF have also cut off water supply to the village and preventing food from entering the village. 

I will continue to update Live from Occupied Palestine with more news for Ein Hijleh as it comes to hand.

I have include below a round up of photos taken by activists in the village from Day 2 in Ein Hijleh.

For my earlier posts on the Ein Hijleh and the Mileh al-Ard campaign, which include photo rounds ups from Day 1, please click here and here.

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 Dawn, Day 2 in Ein Hijleh. Photo by Diana Alzeer

Tea at Sunrise in Ein Hijelh, Day 2. Photo by Diana Alzeer.

 Morning, Day 2.  Photo by Activestills

 Waking up, Day 2 . Photo by Diana Alzeer.
Early morning in Ein Hijleh, Day 2. Photo by Diana Alzeer

 Morning, Day 2 in Ein Hijleh. Photo by Irene Nasser.

 Israeli police stopping journalists from entering Ein Hijleh. Photo by Diana Alzeer

 IOF surrounding Ein Hijleh, Day 2. Photo by Diana Alzeer

 IOF at entrance of Ein Hijleh, Day 2. Photo by Diana Alzeer.

Israeli Occupation Forces arrive in village demanding to see documents granting permission from the  Orthodox Church to be on Church lands (Ein Hijleh stands is owned by the Church)
Photo by Activstills

IOF arrive in village. Photo by Irene Nasser

 Diana's dream home. Photo by Diana Alzeer.

Evening in the village, Day 2. Photo by Irene Nasser

 Dancing in the village. Day 2 evening. Photo by Diana Alzeer.

 Fire from IOF flares fired into the village. Photo by Irene Nasser

 IOF shining lights into the village. Day 2. Photo by IFalasteen

 Palestinians remain defiant as IOF surround Ein Hijleh in late evening of Day 2.
Photo by Activestills.

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