Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 7 in Ein Hijleh: Update and photo round up.

Dear friends,
Ein Hijleh remains steadfast, with Palestinians from all over the Occupied West Bank visiting the village in a show of solidarity.  Activists have continued to work on refurbishing the village, despite periodic harassment by Israeli Occupation Forces who have repeatedly cut water pipes and prevent food and water from entering village. Solar Panels were set up in the village today as part of the village works. 

The village of Nabi Saleh cancelled its regular Friday rally against Israel's occupation to travel to Ein Hijleh on Thursday evening, planning to spend Friday in the Jordan valley village. Two children from Nabi Saleh celebrated their birthday in Ein Hijleh in the evening.

You can also read the reports issued by the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee here, here and here.

In solidarity, Kim

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 Entrance to Ein Hijleh. Photo by Irene Nasser

 Israel Occupation Forces enter village.   Photo by Diana Alzeer.

 Photo by Lema

 Fixing roof with palm leaves. Photo by Irene Nasser

 Working in the village. Photo by Lema

 Hola hoop fun. Photo by Irene Nasser.

 Solar panels installed in Ein Hijleh. Photo by Irene Nasser

 Solar Panels. Photo by Lema

 Bilin activist, Abdullah Rahman with broken due to IOF invading Ein Hijelh in previous days. 
Photo by Activestills. 

Palestinian Bedouins from Mufagara built a sitting area & swing. Photo by Tweet Palestine

 Two children from Nabi Saleh, including Ah'ad Tamimi celebrate their birthdays in Ein Hijleh. 
Photo by Tweet Palestine

Birthday celebrations. Photo by Diana Alzeer.

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