Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Israeli Occupation Forces storm Nabi Saleh, kidnap 6 Palestinian youth

Dear friends,
yesterday Israeli Occupation Forces stormed Nabi Saleh and kidnapped six youth from the village. As you will be aware, Nabi Saleh is one of the villages at the forefront of leading the non-violent popular resistance to Israel's occupation.  I have reported extensively on the village before and count many of the residents and their families amongst my friends.

Amongst those kidnapped by the Waed Tamimi, the teenage son of my good friends Bassem and Nariman and also Anan Tamimi who is the teenage son of my good friends, Naji and Boshra.

The other four youth arrested are: Mostaf Tamimi; Osaid Tamimi; Loay Tamimi and Omar Tamimi.

Israel regularly kidnap and arrest Palestinian children and teenagers to try and put pressure on their parents and families who are engaged in struggle against Israel's occupation (for more see here).  Israel's treatment of minors is also in violation of international laws as numerous report have shown (for more information on Israel's treatment of Palestinian child prisoners, click here)

My friends Bassem Tamimi and Naji Tamimi, along with their families have been at the forefront of the non-violent popular struggle in Nabi Saleh.  Bassem was jailed for more than a years for his role and was recognised by Amnesty International as a Political Prisoner and Conscientious Objector.  Naji also spent just under one year in prison for his role. They have continued, along with their families to play a prominent role in Nabi Saleh struggle against the occupation.  

Loay Tamimi, who was also kidnapped is the brother of Mustafa Tamimi who was murdered by Israeli in 2011, when he was shot in the head with a high velocity teargas canister shot by an Israeli Occupation solider from the back of a military jeep, less than 1 metre away.

Please find below photos of some of the destruction wrecked by the Israeli occupation military yesterday in Nabi Saleh. These photos were taken by my friends Naji and Boshra, after their son Anan was taken by the invading occupation soldiers. As you can see they not only broken down doors but also ransacked every single room in the houses they broke into.

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In solidarity, Kim 


 Anan Tamimi

 Waed Tamimi (on right)

 Mustafa Tamimi with his family before he was killed (on far left at back). Left to right: Mustafa Tamimi, his father, 'Abd al-Razak, his mother Ikhlas, Ziad (behind his parents) and twin brothers Loay and Udai.

Israeli Occupation Forces broken down a number of doors during their raids on the families houses. Photos by Manal Tamimi


Naji Tamimi as he takes photos of the destruction in his house.

 Anan's room


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