Friday, February 7, 2014

Video & Photos: Hundreds of Israeli Ocucpation soldiers raid and attack Ein Hijelh and evict residents in middle of night

Dear friends, 
Israeli Occupation Forces invaded Ein Hijleh in the early morning of February 7.  Activists reported that at approximately 1.25 am Palestinian time/10.25am Australian time that hundreds of IOF entered the village firing teargas and sound grenades.  Later reports from activists suggest up to 1000 members of the Israeli Occupation Forces had been deployed to attack the village. Activists tweeting live from the village reported IOF badly beating men, women and children.  A number of women activists said they had been pushed into fires and the children in the village, who had been earlier celebrating birthdays of two of the children were being screamed at and pushed around.  The IOF also brought in bulldozers to destroy much of the work that the residents of Ein Hijleh have done over the last week.  Palestine TV ran an live feed of the IOF attack but their feed was cut by the IOF.  

Activists say they were loaded on to buses and taken to Jericho. At least 41 were injured, many requiring hospitalisation. Some were placed in ICU units.

Activists have stated that despite the attack by the IOF, this is not the end of the Mileh al-Ard (Salt of the Earth) campaign and they will continue to oppose Israel's occupation and ethnic cleansing policies.

in solidarity, Kim

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Video of IOF attack on Ein Hijleh

 IOF attack on Ein Hijleh. Photo by Samer Nazzal.

 Hundreds of IOF storm Ein Hijleh. Photo by Activestills

 IOF divide villagers into two groups so they can arrest and evict them. 
Photo by Samer Nazzal

 Palestinians detained by IOF. Photo by Samer Nazzal.

 Women activists being pushed into the fire by IOF. Photo by Tweet Palestine

 Screen grab from Palestine TV of the IOF assault on Ein Hijleh

IOF arrest injured Palestinian man.  Photo by Activestills

IOF bulldozers razing structure and sections of the village. 
Photo by Activestills

On bus: Palestinians were detained and forced onto buses by IOF soldiers. 
Photo by Manal Tamimi

 Women activists from Nabi Saleh after being detained and forced onto IOF bus.
Photo by Diana Alzeer.

Detained on IOF bus. Photo by Diana Alzeer.

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