Monday, February 3, 2014

UPDATE: Day 3 in Ein Hijleh: planting trees, breaking the siege and solidarity with Yarmouk refugee camp

Dear friends,
Palestinian activists are now spending their third night in Ein Hijleh.  Diana Alzeer has reported via twitter that activists have spent Day 2  refurbishing and rebuilding the village and Day 3 planting trees. 

On Day 3, Palestinians in the reclaimed village staged a protest and confronted Israeli Occupation Forces who had placed the village under siege and cut off water and food from coming into the village.  The protestors were able to successful retrieve water supplies that had been prevent from entering the village.   

In addition, on Day 3, the activists in the camp sought to raise awareness about the dire situation of Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria.

I have included below a round up of photos from Day 3.

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In solidarity, Kim

All photos by DIANA ALZEER: @ManaraRam

 Getting ready for Day 3

 Singing around the previous night's fire in the morning


 Food sent by a local family to the village residents was able to get through without being confiscated by IOF

 Refurbishing buildings

 Preparing stairs to the north watchout in the village

 Planting trees

 Planting trees in Ein Hijleh

 In solidarity with Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria

 Palestinians from 48 + 67 + refugees camps. Free Palestine

  In solidarity with Palestinians in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria

 In solidarity with Palestinians in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria

 The Right of Return is a must!

 Palestinians decide to break siege imposed on Ein Hijleh by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) and retrieve water supplies prevented from entering village

 Taking the protest to the main road 

 Approaching IOF to retrieve water supplies and break siege of Ein Hijleh

 Confronting the IOF and Retrieving water supplies prevent from entering village

 Projector set up in the village to watch films

Watching the Hany Abu Assad's Oscar nominated film, Omar

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