Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 6 in Ein Hijleh: update and photo roundup

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I will continue to update Live from Occupied Palestine daily until the first Friday anniversary of the repopulation of Ein Hijleh (ie. Friday, 7 Feb).  As of week 2, I will update every few days on what is happening in the village, unless something happens on the ground. 

On Day 6 in Ein Hijleh, activists in the village remained steadfast and continued to refurbish village. Palestinians from towns and cities across the Occupied West Bank continued to converge on the village to show their solidarity and opposition to Israel's occupation and apartheid policies.  Visitors included Father Attallah Hanna who brought greetings on behalf of the Palestinian Christian community.  

Israeli Occupation Forces continued to maintain a presence around the village, attempting to intimidate activists.  Activists were forced four or five times to fix water pipes deliberately cut by the IOF to prevent water access in the village.

The village of Nabi Saleh has announced that they are cancelling their regular Friday demonstration and will travel to Ein Hijleh instead.

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 Visit by Father Atallah Hanna to Ein Hijleh. 
Photo by Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

 Palestinian Christians and Muslims stand as one against Israel's occupation and ethnic cleansing. Photo by Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

 Fixing water pipes to village, after Israeli Occupation Forces 
cut them once more. Photo by Diana Alzeer.

Cut water pipes. Israeli Occupation Forces have repeatedly cut the water pipes to the village.
Photo by Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

 Food being delivered to the village by horse, after IOF blockaded roads to prevent food and water coming into the village. Photo by Hamde Abu Rhama.

 Village residents - Yata and Mufaqara. Photo by Diana Alzeer.

 Solidarity visitations from Palestinians from across the Occupied West Bank.
Photo by  Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

 Cooking communal dinner. Photo by Diana Alzeer.

 Cooking dinner. Photo by Diana Alzeer.

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