Sunday, December 1, 2013

Activestills Photo story: Day of Rage against the Prawer-Begin Plan

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as you will be aware on Saturday protest took place inside the Zionist state, the Occupied West Bank and across the world in opposition to Israel's Prawer-Begin Plan.  The Prawer-Begin Plan is the biggest Zionist land grab since 1948.  The plan if fully implement will result in the destruction of more than 35 Palestinian Bedouin villages and the ethnic cleansing of up to 70,000 Palestinian Bedouin from their traditional lands.

Activestills, a collective of activist photographers covered the protests inside Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  They have now published a collective photo story board of the protests.  I have included below just a small sample of their amazing photos, along with the blurb they have written for them. 

You can check out their FULL photo story of the protests by clicking here.

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Day of Rage against the Prawer-Begin Plan

In protest of the Prawer-Begin Plan, which if implemented, will result in the forced displacement of tens of thousands of Bedouin in the Negev desert, Bedouin and other activists organized a 'day of rage.' On Saturday November 30, demonstrations took place in the southern town of Hura, in Haifa, East Jerusalem, Ramallah and Jaffa. The following is the story of those protests, in photos.
Photos: Yotam Ronen, Oren Ziv, Ryan Rodrick Beiler, Keren Manor, Mareike Lauken, Tali Mayer, Shiraz Grinbaum
Editing: Mareike Lauken

  • Protest against Prawer plan, Hura, Israel, 30.11.2013


  • Demonstration against the Prawer Plan, Haifa, Israel, 30.11.2013

      • Day of Rage against the Prawer-Begin Plan, Al Jalazun, West Bank, 30.11.2013

      • Day of Rage against Prawer-Begin Plan, Jaffa, 30.11.2013

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