Sunday, July 20, 2014

Reporting from Gaza: Day 2 of Israel's Ground Invasion

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the following are a selection of tweets from both international journalists and Palestinian citizen journalists who are reporting from on the ground in Gaza. 

These tweets document both the second day of Israel's ground invasion.

As already mentioned, this post is part of a series of posts under the title"Reporting from Gaza" which seeks to give an over view of the situation of the ground in Gaza.

The two post in the "Reporting from Gaza" series can be read here:

The tweets included in this post are from the following journalists and bloggers: (click on their names to go directly to their twitter account):

Sherine Tadros - Sky News journalist in Gaza 
Gaza Youth Break Out - Palestinian youth group based in Gaza.
Mohammed Suliman - Gazan blogger (see also his article on Gaza in Alkhabar)
Lara Aburamada - Palestinian journalist in Gaza

Jehad Saftawi - Palestinian photographer in Gaza
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