Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reporting for Gaza: More than 250 Palestinian children killed by Israel in assault on Gaza

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once again more children have been killed by Israel as it bombs Gaza.  We are now entering the third week of Israel's murderous assault on Gaza and the death toll is now in excess of  1180, most of whom are civilians, including more than 250 children.  At least 6,800 Palestinians have been injured.

On the very first day of Eid, 8 Palestinian children playing in park and on the street lost their lives, along with two adults, when Israeli military drones carried out a strike. At the time eyewitness reported of two separate strike assaults - one on Shifa Hospital and one on Al Shati Refugee camp where the childen where. Palestinians and Western reporters on the scene gave eyewitness reports that the strike was carried out by Israeli drones.  Israeli Occupation Forces quickly attempted to shift the blame, saying both strikes were caused by a failed rockets launched by Hamas. However, as Australian reporter Ruth Pollard later noted in a tweet, there was no evidence of Hamas rocket fragments to be found in the debris. Hamas also denied that they had fired a rocket which misfired.

Al Jazeera, also published eyewitness accounts of the strike:  According to Munzer al-Derby,  "The kids were playing on the wheel... A rocket fell and cut them apart.""I know some of them. They were from Al-Helou family who left their homes in Shujayea (east Gaza city, where massive artillery fire destroyed neighbourhoods). They came here and rented an apartment last week".  

The tweets included in this post are from the following journalists, photographers and bloggers (click on their names to go to their accounts) documenting the situation on the ground in Gaza.

Ruth Pollard - Australian journalist with the Fairfax Media  
Dr Bassel Abuwarda - Palestinian doctor working in Gaza
Maram Humaid - Gazan blogger/tweeter
Ayman Mohyeldin - Egyptian reporter, reporting for NBC
Sharif Kouddous - Independent reporter, reporting for Democracy Now
Tamer El-Ghobashy - Wall St Journal Middle East Correspondent
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