Monday, January 21, 2013

Israeli Occupation Forces demolish Bab Al Karama protest village

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reports are coming in that the IOF invaded Bab Al Karama at around 2am Monday morning (21 January 2013)  and have demolished all the tents and structures. Activists/residents of Bab Al Karama report that approximately 25 military jeeps surrounded the protest village and prevent activists from live streaming or taking photos of the destruction of the village.  

I have included below a short video on the camp, as well as a recorded live stream taken on 20th January, when the IOF invade the village for the second time. 

Unfortunately, I have not been able to down load and embed the live stream recorded video by activists on 21st January describing the third IOF invasion and demolition of Bab Al Karama (activists were prevent from taking photos and live streaming by the IOF at the time of the destruction).  However, I have included a link to the footage so you can watch

Also included is a report from Maan News and also some photos via twitter from Maath Musleh on the IOF invasion and destruction.

It appears activists at Bab Al Karama may not be leaving the land, despite the destruction. Instead they apparently will attempt to stay and plant olive trees.
I am not sure if this is completely accurate information or not, but I will update when I have more information.

In solidarity, Kim   


Palestinians gather at new West Bank protest camp
video by MinWashtingonNews

Recorded Live Stream on 20 January of Second IOF invasion of Bab Al Karama

Recorded Live Stream on 21 January describing Third IOF invasion and the destruction of Bab Al Karama: CLICK HERE

By Maan News, 21 January 2013 

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces on Monday morning demolished a protest village erected by Palestinian activists last week in northwest Jerusalem to protest Israeli land confiscation.

Activists told Ma’an that Israeli troops demolished all the tents and evacuated all the activists in the the Al-Karamah (Dignity) village in Beit Iksa.

Head of the local council of Beit Iksa Kamal Habbaba told Ma’an that large numbers of Israeli troops escorted bulldozers to the protest village. Palestinian citizens were also prevented from accessing the area.

Local groups set up the new tented protest village northwest of Jerusalem on Friday, the second such initiative against Israeli settlement building in as many weeks.

On Wednesday, Israeli forces tore down the tented village Bab al-Shams, set up to protest Israel's plans to build the "E1" settlement on the land, severing the West Bank from Jerusalem.

Beit Iksa, surrounded by Israeli settlements, is set to be entirely encircled by Israel's separation wall, cutting it off from Jerusalem.

When completed, the wall will annex 96 percent of Beit Iksa's la
nd, according to a study by the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem.

PHOTOS By Maath Musleh

 IOF invade Bab Al Karama
                            IOF demolition of structure built by Palestinians at Bab Al Karama which was being used as a Mosque.

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