Saturday, January 12, 2013

IN PHOTOS: Palestine's newest village, Bab Al Shams

Dear friends, 
please find below a collection of photos which various activists on the ground in Bab Al Shams have either tweeted or posted on the internet.

As you will be aware from my previous blog, more than 250 Palestinian activists early Friday morning established Bab Al Shams on Palestinian land located in the Occupied East Jerusalem/Occupied West Bank corridor which has been designated "E1" by the Israeli state.  Israel has long sought to build illegal colonies on the land in order to delink the Occupied West Bank from Occupied East Jerusalem in order to prevent a contiguous Palestinian state.

Activists have vowed to remain on the land and to resist non-violently any attempt to evict them.

In solidarity, Kim 

Palestinian activists arriving and getting ready to set up tents 
Photo by Fadi Arouri

 Erecting the tents for the village
Photo Oren Ziv, Activestills

  Establishing the village
Photo Oren Ziv, by Activestills

 Photo via twitter (Shahnaz)

 Erecting the flags
Photo by Tweet Palestine

 Owner of the Palestinian land on which Bab Al Shams has been erected shows his ownership papers
Photo by Tweet Palestine

Palestine's newest village
Photo by Irene Nasser

Palestinian Hunger Strikers banner
Photo by Lema

Singing on the hills
Photo by Abir Kopty

Israeli Occupation Forces arrive to try and evict Palestinian activists
Photo by Oren Ziv, Activestills 

Inside the tents
Photo by Tweet Palestine

Cooking soup
Photo by Tweet Palestine

 More people arriving to support the village
Photo by Abir Kopty

more Palestinians arriving to support Bab Al Shams
Photo by Yotam Ronen, Activestills

With the arrival of more people, more tents are being erected
Photo by Abir Kopty

some of the activists pose for a photo
Photo by Anne Paq, Activestills

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