Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A short note from Kim

Dear friends,
a small note to let you know that I hope to restart posting on Live From Occupied Palestine over the next week. 

My apologies for not posting for the last month. This has predominately been because my energies for the last four weeks have been focused on my overseas research.  I am now back in Australia and looking forward to getting things restarted on Live from Occupied Palestine.

One of the things I do hope to do over the coming weeks, in addition to posting up relevant information, news stories and updates about what is happening on the ground in Palestine at the moment, is to also post up a series of articles/posts from my very first blog on Palestine, Palestine Eyewitness, which was mothballed when I began Live From Occupied Palestine in 2007.  

Most of these blogs are from my first time in Palestine in 2004 and chronicle my time there and many of my experiences.  I hope you will find them interesting to read and useful in providing an insight into what was happening in Palestine at the time.

in solidarity,

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