Sunday, May 6, 2012

Feminist scholar & Law Professor, Katherine Franke explains why she boycotted the 'Equality Forum' and pinkwashing of Israel's human rights abuses against Palestinians

Dear friends,
an excellent presentation from Law professor, Katherine Franke, who is the Director of the Gender and Sexuality Centre at Columbia Law School explaining why she boycotted the "Equality Forum" which chose to show case Israel as its featured nation and invite hasbara specialist, Israeli Ambassador to the USA, Michael Oren as its key note speaker. 

In the video, which was played at the Equality Forum, Franke gives a very goo explanation of how Israel attempt to pinkwash its human rights abuses against Palestinians.  Franke notes:

It's one thing to express our solidarity with gays and lesbians in another country such as Israel, it's quite another to become pawns in that country's foreign policy strategy.
Franke ask the LGBTI community and all those supportive of human rights to support the call by Palestinian Queer groups to support the BDS campaign.

In solidarity, Kim

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