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UPDATE: Situation in the Occupied West Bank and Occupied East Jerusalem.

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as you will be aware, the situation in Palestine continues to escalate. I have attempted to give a brief update/round up of the current situation in both Occupied East Jerusalem and the Occupied West Bank.  In this update, I have attempted to collate a range of reports from on the ground in Palestine. You can click on the relevant links in the text for the full reports.  As things are currently very fluid, I will post another update as things continue to develop.

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@ 6pm (Palestine time), 4 Oct 2015

In the wake of Israel's continued attacks on Al Aqsa Mosque, tensions have continued to soar. In the last few days this has resulted in two Israeli colonists being killed in the West Bank. As Israeli colonists rampaged  through the Occupied West Bank in revenge for the killings, an illegal Israeli settler reportedly shot a 6 year old Palestinian child in the stomach in the village of Izbeit at-Tabib. Palestinian youth clashed with Israeli settlers who attempted to carry out attacks on numerous Palestinian villages. Israeli colonists set fire to fields and attacked Palestinian homes in Burin near Nablus, while Israeli soldiers did nothing to stop them. Israeli settlers also carried out attacks in Occupied Hebron, but were confronted by Palestinian youth. 

VIDEO: +972 MAGAZINE - Settlers hurl burning tires, boulders toward Palestinians in Bur'in, Oct 3, 2015
Original video available here

At least 10 Palestinians were also injured with live rounds on Saturday by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in the Occupied West Bank. Israeli forces have also raided Nablus and Jenin. In Nablus at least 7 Palestinians were shot and injured by the IOF.  According to Palestinian and Israeli media reports, Palestinian resistance forces have exchanged fire with the IOF in Jenin. At least 27 Palestinians were injured by the IOF after they raid Jenin refugee camp.

PHOTO: MAAN NEWS - At least ten Palestinians were wounded by live Israeli fire to the legs or stomach when Israeli forces raided the Nablus area in search for the suspects in the fatal shooting of 2 Israeli settlers. (AFP/Jaafar Ashtiyeh)

The Palestinian Red Crescent on Sunday (4 October) declared a state of emergency across the Occupied West Bank in the wake of violence by Israeli colonist and military, including 14 attacks on the society's ambulances in just three days.  In a statement, the Palestinian Red Crescent condemned Israeli attacks on their staff, saying that Palestinian ambulances had been attacked while evacuating injured and that medical staff had been beaten by Israeli occupation soldiers.

PHOTO: MAAN NEWS - Palestinian Red Crescent

On Saturday, two Israeli colonists were also killed in Occupied East Jerusalem, along with the man who allegedly attacked them. Israeli Occupation Forces stormed Al Aqsa again in the wake of the attack and it has been reported that hundreds of illegal Israeli settlers also entered the Al Aqsa compound.  Hundreds of Palestinians also gathered to halt reprisal against family home  of young man shot dead after the killing of the Israeli settlers in Occupied East Jerusalem.  

Israel has now also imposed a 48 hour ban on Palestinians entering the Old City in Occupied East Jerusalem. The ban will prevetn Palestinians who do not live inside the Old City from entering it. Only Israelis, tourists, residents of the area and business owners will be allowed to enter.  Palestinian access to Al Aqsa Mosque will once again be restricted, with only men above the age of 50 allowed and women only allowed to enter via one gate.

Clashes between the IOF and Palestinian continued to take place in Occupied East Jerusalem, resulting in at least 10 Palestinians injured.  During the clashes, Israeli Occupation Forces targeted Palestinian journalists with stun grenades and teargas. One Palestinian journalist, Hana Mahamaid was shot in the face with a stun grenade at close range in Issawiya neighbourhood of Occpied East Jerusalem.  Despite her injuries, she returned immediately to work.

VIDEO: Hana Mahamaid injured by Israeli army. Video by al Quds TV.
WARNING: Video may distress some viewers.
Original video available here.

Hana Mahamaid returns to work despite injuries.

Hundreds of Palestinians gather to halt reprisal against family home of young man shot dead after killing two ultra-orthodox Jews in Old City - See more at:
Hundreds of Palestinians gather to halt reprisal against family home of young man shot dead after killing two ultra-orthodox Jews in Old City - See more at:

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