Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital "offically" marks the death of the two state solution/peace process.

Dear friends,
as you will have heard Donald Trump has officially recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in violation of international law. 

As we have been long aware,  the two state solution and the fake "peace process" has long been dead but with Trump's announcement it is now "officially" dead. 

I will post more over the coming days, but please find below firstly a post by Palestinian lawyer and activist, Huwaida Arraf on Trump, Jerusalem and International law. I have also included a full copy of the text of Trump's speech below that.  Trump has tried to pretend that he is not violating international law and that somehow he has not put the final nail in the fake "peace process".  This is of course delusional thinking. 

However, as Huwaida and many other Palestinians have noted on social media, Trump's announcement changes nothing for them and will not diminish their aspirations.   Jerusalem is still the Palestinian capital, Jerusalem is still Palestine and the struggle for free Palestine will continue.

In solidarity, Kim



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