Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Melbourne Protest against Israeli War Criminal, Benny Gantz ( 7 March 2016 )

Dear friends,
on the 7th of March, a
loud, vibrant protest of more than 50 people greeted Israeli war criminal Benny Gantz who was touring Australia to raise funds via the United Israel Appeal.

Gantz is the former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Military. Benny Gantz was for 38 years a career soldier in the Israeli military, rising to the IDF's top job in February 2011. Gantz led two major Israeli military offensives against the people of Gaza: 'Pillar of Defense' and 'Protective Edge'.

Operation 'Protective Edge' killed more than 2100 Palestinians and left hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents homeless. Gantz also headed Operation 'Brother’s Keeper' in the West Bank, which arrested and detained 800 Palestinians, without charge or trial, and killed another nine.

Please find below some photos from the Melbourne protest. Protests were also held in Perth and Sydney.

In solidarity, Kim


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