Saturday, September 5, 2015

Nabi Saleh: Israeli Occupation Forces issues arrest warrant for Tamimi women and girls

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Israeli Occupation Forces have issued arrest warrants for the women and girls in Nabi Saleh who recently prevented an Israeli Occupation Force soldier from kidnapping and arresting a 12 year old child with a broken arm. 

The arrest warrants have been reportedly issued for 14 year old Ahed Tamimi, her cousin Mahara, as well as her mother Nariman and another female relative Nawal.  Images of the women went viral a week ago when they overpowered and Israeli soldier who was attempting to arrest Ahed's brother and Nariman's son, Mohammed Tamimi.

Over the past week, Ahed has done several interviews and there has been a range of article done on her and the other women in the village.

Mondoweiss ran an interview/profile with both Ahed and Marah (I am not sure why but in the article, Marah is called Nour).  You can read the original post on Mondoweiss by clicking here

I have also included video produced by Al Jazeera, which include an interview with Ahed.

I will keep you updated as news comes to hand on whether the arrest take place or not. 

in solidarity, Kim

Israeli Occupation Forces have issued arrest warrants and are currently threatening to arrest teenage Palestinian girls, cousins Ahed and Marah Tamimi, along with Ahed's mother Nariman and another relative Nawal because they overpowered and humiliated an Israeli soldier preventing him from kidnapping a 12 year old child with a broken arm in Nabi Saleh (the child, Mohammed is the brother of Ahed and son of Nariman).

Photo: Ahed and Marah drinking coffee and eating nuts in their home, awaiting arrest. Photo by Nariman Tamimi - 6 Sept 2015



Interview with Ahed Tamimi
Video published by Al Jazeera.  To see original post, click here

Video of Israeli solider attacking 12 year old Palestinian boy. Video published by Al Jazeera. To see original post, click here.

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