Friday, June 21, 2013

Palestine in photos

Dear friends,
my friend Katerina is currently in Palestine and she has been sending back some beautiful, amazing and moving photos.  She has given me permission to post some of her photos here.

in solidarity, Kim 


 Palestinian anti-occupation artwork

 Palestinian embroidery

 Qalandia checkpoint sign, Occupied West Bank

 Qalandia Checkpoint, Occupied West Bank

 Ramallah Street view, Occupied West Bank

 Israeli colony of Halamish, Occupied West Bank

The home of a Palestinian friend, Occupied West Bank

Sweets and gifts for a Palestinian friend's birthday celebration

 Donkey in field, Occupied Bir Zeit

  Return key, Aida Refugee Camp, Occupied Bethlehem

 Mural painted on Apartheid Wall - Aida Refugee camp, Occupied Bethlehem

Original keys from those who fled their homes in 1948, which they took with them because they intended to return. Though they still wait in the camp to return to their homes 65 years later, now most of their villages don't exist anymore as they have been renamed and inhabited by Israel - Aida Refugee Camp
, Occupied Bethlehem

 Original suitcases used by Palestinians who fled their homes in 1948 - Aida Refugee Camp, Occupied Bethlehem

Apartheid Wall - Occupied Bethlehem

 Aida Refugee camp wall, Occupied Bethlehem

 Abandoned shops in a once bustling city. Palestinians left due to harassment from illegal Israeli settlers and Israeli occupation forces. Occupied Hebron, Palestine
 Rusted tin barriers, Occupied Hebron

 Occupied Hebron, Palestine

 Mosque of Ibrahim (Abraham), where Rebekah, Sarah, Abraham and Rachel are buried. 
Occupied Hebron, Palestine. 

 The tomb of Ibrahim/Abraham. Muslims can only look from this side, Jewish worshippers 
only from the window on the other side, Occupied Hebron, Palestine

85 year old mufti whose mosque and home, once next to each other, are now separated by the apartheid wall built by Israel 3 yeas ago. He must now go through checkpoints to move between the two. - Occupied Hebron, Palestine.

How to stop illegal Israeli settlers who live on top of Palestinian shops from throwing rubbish onto Palestinians below.  Occupied Hebron, Palestine
Occupied Hebron, Palestine

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