Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Live from Occupied Palestine Facebook page

Dear friends,
it has now been 6 years since I first began Live from Occupied Palestine.  This blog was initially set up to chronicle my time in working and volunteering in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  In the last couple of years, I have also sought to expand the blog - particular when I am not in Palestine - to provide other grassroots news and analysis from on the ground in the Occupied Palestinian Territories by other activists, writers and bloggers who are working on the ground in Palestine.

Recently a friend suggested to me that I should also begin to utilise Facebook in conjunction with this blog. After some consideration, I have decided to go ahead with this suggestion.  

Live from Occupied Palestine will continue as it always has done and I will continue to blog about my experiences in Palestine when I am there, as well as provide grassroots news and analysis from on the ground in Occupied Palestine and local/international news about Palestine solidarity activism.

The Live from Occupied Palestine Facebook page will simply be a supplement to this and hopefully will allow me to post more on the ground news from Palestine more regularly, as I tend to only post larger and more significant news/analysis items currently on this blog.

With the new Facebook page, I also hoping it will also be able to play a role in connecting people more with other Palestinian, Israeli and international activists who are reporting from the ground in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, as well as other Palestine solidarity and campaign sites.  I am hoping the new Facebook page will also allow me to post more regular news and analysis from both on the ground in Palestine, but also by Palestinian and international writers and activists from around the world.

To join the Live from Occupied Palestine Facebook page, you simply just need to click on the "like us on Facebook" icon on the top left hand side of this blog and it will take you to the page.  Or you can simply click here.

Thank you to all those who have continued to visit and support this blog.  I look forward to continuing it and providing information, news, analysis, videos, photos in support of the Palestinian people and their struggle for justice, self-determination and freedom.

in solidarity,

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