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Photo Essay: Solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinian people - Melbourne (23 November 2012)

Dear friends,
Please find below (albeit a little late) photos from the November 23 Palestine solidarity rally in Melbourne.  Over 1000 people marched in support of the people of Palestine, opposing Israel's assault on Gaza.  

Palestinian activist, Moammar Mashni from Australians for Palestine who co-chaired the rally, along with Vashti Kenway from Students for Palestine, read out an email from one of the Norwegian doctor working in Shifa hospital in Gaza giving a first hand account of the impact of Israel's assault on the Palestinian population in Gaza.

Speaking at the rally in support of the Palestinian people were: Aboriginal elder, Robbie Thorpe; Luke Kilihari, Victorian Trades Hall Council; Senator Scott Ludlum (Greens); Peter Slezak, Australian Independent Jewish Voices; Palestinian activist, Enas Sammak; Josh K from Jews against Israeli Apartheid.

The rally took place one day after the announcement of the so-called "ceasefire".  However, despite this, supporters of the Palestinian people, in Melbourne and around the world, still came out onto the streets in large numbers because they recognised that the so-called "ceasefire" did not mean an end to Israel's violence against Palestinians. Instead, Israel's violence would continue in the form of the siege and occupation of Gaza and the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Between the end of Operation Cast Lead and the beginning of this assault on Gaza, Israel killed 270 Palestinians in Gaza and 43 in the West Bank.  In the last week, since the "ceasefire" was announced, Israel has continued to break it and fire on unarmed Palestinians, killing at least two people. 

Now more than ever, it is important to continue to take a stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and your local Palestinian solidarity group and/or the Palestinian BDS campaign.

In solidarity, Kim  

Robbie Thorpe, Aboriginal elder speaks in solidarity with the Palestinian people.  Robbie noted the similarities between the struggle of Indigenous Australians and the people of Palestine.  He was joined by other members of the Aboriginal community at the front of the rally.

more than 1000 supporters of Palestine and human rights gathered at the 
State Library of Victoria to oppose Israel's assault on Gaza.

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