Saturday, February 25, 2012

Campus Under Apartheid part 1

by Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, University of Western Ontario, Canada

In the last decade the word 'apartheid' has become synonymous with Israel. But what does it truly mean to be a Palestinian living under the apartheid system of Israel? If you have never been to the Holy Land and experienced firsthand living under occupation, living under apartheid, it's hard to imagine the sever lack of quality of life Palestinians must struggle with daily. This short video allows you a glimpse, a short controlled encounter with apartheid.

If you think midterms, tons of homework and tough professors are making earning your degree painful, imagine doing it under an APARTHEID system tailored to oppress you!. While your classmates have the freedom to do whatever they wish, you will have to go through harsh checkpoints, harassment, administrative detention, and suffer all types of physical and mental abuse. What is your breaking point?

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