Thursday, May 1, 2008

Summer Against Israeli Apartheid

Dear Friends,
the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) has issued two calls for volunteers to come to Palestine -one for volunteers to join them as part of their regular "Freedom Summer Campaign" and one is for a new Gaza Solidarity campaign. Details of both are below...

in solidarity, Kim


SUMMER CAMPAIGN 2008 - 'Summer Against Apartheid'

The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is issuing a call-out for office and field volunteers for its "Summer Against Apartheid" in the West Bank and Gaza strip. Whether it's for a week or three months, you can help provide protection during non-violent demonstrations as well as help ensure that Palestinian voices will be heard. The 2008 'Summer Against Apartheid' runs from May 28th until August 2nd, with volunteer training sessions to be held every Wednesday and Thursday.

Why are so so urgently needed? Below are just four reasons.

1. The recent Israeli orders to use live ammunition against demonstrations close to the apartheid wall, unless there are internationals or Israelis present (, means an international presence offers some protection for the basic rights of Palestinians to nonviolently protest against injustice.

2. In the West Bank ISM will support Palestinians challenging the apartheid road system. Watch this video ( for a short film about the injustice of Road 443 and a previous action ISM participated in. Joining Palestinians in non-violent actions against Israeli-only roads, will increase the exposure of the road system that runs throughout the West Bank, and to link it to the wider implications of the Israeli apartheid system, including the expansion of illegal settlements as well as the checkpoints that cripple Palestinian's freedom of movement.

3. ISM volunteers will stand side by side with villagers in Bil'in, Tul Karem, Nablus, and Tel Rumeida, Hebron as Palestinians continue their tireless struggle to save their land from Israel's apartheid wall and the expanding settlements. In addition, ISM will be joining the third inter-national conference in Bil'in, Palestine from 4-6 June 2008.

4.In Gaza, ISM will continue our campaign to fight against the Israel's extreme collective punishment of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. We will demonstrate in Egypt on the 30th May 2008 where we will aim to break the siege on Gaza. 'Put Your Body Where Your Heart Is - Break The Siege On Gaza', will be the starting point for the 'Summer Against Apartheid'. See here (there will be a link to the call-out that will be on the website) for more details regarding this action. In addition, many former ISM volunteers will take part in breaking the siege of Gaza by sailing into its port during the first week of August. See

Witness first-hand the suffering, the courage and the generosity of the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation. Experiencing the situation for yourself is vital in the aim of conveying the reality of life in Palestine to your home communities and re-framing the debate to expose Israel's Apartheid policies, including creeping ethnic cleansing in the West Bank, as well as it's collective punishment and genocidal practices in Gaza.

For more information on how to Join Us in Palestine or contact


Put Your Body Where Your Heart Is - Break The Siege On Gaza!

On May 30th 2008, people of conscience from around the world will gather in Egypt to break through to the imprisoned people living inside the Gaza Strip. People will attempt to enter Gaza in an act to break the murderous siege and to stand in solidarity with those inside.

The siege, brutally imposed by the Israeli government in June 2007, following over a year of sanctions has resulted in lethal denial of medical access, shortages of food, fuel and electricity, and stands as a grave act of collective punishment.

It is time to stand up and shout, "No more!" It is time to show that we will not simply stand by while this atrocity is carried out, as our governments do nothing. It is time to use our bodies to prove what we believe is just in this world.

Our governments have backtracked on their responsibility, as stipulated in past agreements, to facilitate and over see the flow of people through the Rafah border crossing, making us complicit with the murderous acts of the Israeli government.

We call on international human right activists and lawmakers to join us in breaking the siege, entering Gaza, and standing in solidarity with the people imprisoned there. Join us in Egypt, come with us to Gaza and put your body where your heart is.

What you can do?

1. Join us in this act of solidarity with the people of Gaza, come to Egypt before the end of May, preferably as early as possible to help with preparations.

2. Have your organization endorse and circulate this call

3. Support this initiative financially - email for more information

Signed: The International Solidarity Movement - Palestine

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