Saturday, December 6, 2014

Australian journalists win prestigious Walkley Awards for their coverage of Gaza and Palestine.

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the winners of the annual Walkley Awards for excellence in journalism - the Australian equivalent of the Pultizer Prize - was announced on 4 December.  The Walkley Awards, which began in 1956, seek to "recognise creative and courageous acts of journalism that seek out the truth and give new insight to an issue".

The awards cover all media, including print (including both newspaper stories and books), television (including news stories and documentaries), radio, photographic, and online media. In 2014, 36 awards were presented for 36 categories, covering various forms of journalism and story telling, from interviews, to scoops, to international reporting, sports journalism, business journalism and investigative journalism and much much more (to view all categories, click here).

This year, a number of journalists won awards for their coverage of stories relating to Palestine:

Ruth Pollard won the Walkley Award for the best Short Feature (under 4000 words) for her story on the Shifa Hospital Morgue in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge.

John Lyons, Janine Cohen, Sylvie Le Clezio and Mary Fallon (from Four Corners/ABC and The Australian) won the Walkley Award for Investigative journalism with their feature documentary, Stone Cold Justice, on Israel's treatment of Palestinian children/child prisoners in the Occupied West Bank.

Matt Brown, Hayden Cooper, Aaron Hollet, Stuart Watt, Michael Carey and the ABC News team won the Walkley Award for "Coverage of A Major News Event or Issue" for their coverage of the "Gaza Conflict" (that is: Israel's 50 day assault on Gaza).

Over the next week, I will be posting up the stories, articles and documentaries on Palestine by these award winning journalists. Some I have posted before, such as John Lyon's Stone Cold Justice but I will post up once again as part of this series of posts. 

in solidarity, Kim

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