Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sometime I'm afraid, Sometime I hit: Nabi Saleh's children speak about Israel's occupation & its impact on them

Dear friends,
as many of you will be aware, the people of the village of Nabi Saleh are very dear to my heart. I attended the very first demonstrations against Israel's land occupation when they recommenced in the village in 2009 and was fortunate enough to be welcomed into the homes and lives of many of the residents of the village, who I now call my friends.

The people of Nabi Saleh have long been steadfast in their opposition to the Israel's occupation and apartheid practices, however, over the past four years they have had to endure some of the most brutal repression I have seen in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Every Friday, the village continues its defiant stance against the occupation. In response, Israel's occupation forces violently attack the unarmed demonstrations with tear gas, stun grenades, skunk (a chemical weapon made of foul smelling liquid sprayed from water cannons), rubber coated steel bullets and live ammunition.

Two of the leaders of the village - Bilal Tamimi and Naji Tamimi - were jailed for more than year, while many other members of the village have been and continue to be arrested and jailed for weeks and months on end.  Amongst those arrested and detained are numerous children from the village, some as young as 9 years old.

Two of young men from the village, Mustafa Tamimi and Rashdi Tamimi died at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces, who fired teargas cannisters and rubber coated steel bullets directly at them killing them.

Political activist and Israeli conscientious objector Yuval Auron was jailed in 2009 and spent a month and a half in a military prison after refusing to enlist to the army. Yuval has been participating in the demonstrations in Nabi Saleh for the last few years and recently made a short video about the village.

The film features the children of Nabi Saleh speaking about the occupation and how they cope with the constant state of violence around them, as they see their parents being arrested and family members being killed, and if and when they see some hope in their situation.

Yuval's film is now a finalist in the Euromed Audiovisual competition. Please watch, vote for and share his film with your networks. The film is very simple and is very moving, it deserves to be shared widely.

TO VOTE FOR THE FILM. Please click: Sometimes I'm afraid, Sometimes I hit by Yuval Auron (this link will redirect you to the Euromed Audiovisual competition website)

As I was not able to embedded the film from the competition website, I have embedded a youtube version of the video. You can watch the video either at the above link or on youtube (but if you would like to vote and support the film, please use the above link) 

You can also support the people of Nabi Saleh and keep up to date with news from the village by joining the Nabi Saleh Solidarity page on Facebook (click here) or by following the Nabi Saleh Solidarity blog (click here)

in solidarity, Kim

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