Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Film: Journey into an Invisible War - documenting Israel's settler colonialism, violence and ethnic cleansing in the Occupied West Bank

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Al Jazeera recently posted the following documentary by French film producer and reporter Paul Moriera about the "invisible war" by Israel's illegal settlers against Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank. 

The film documents Israel's ongoing settler colonialism and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The film examines the ongoing encroachment of new illegal Israeli colonies onto Palestinian land and the violence perpetrated by illegal settlers and the Israeli military who defends them, against Palestinians.  Al Jazeera, in their description of the film, note that: "In new hilltop settlements, built on stolen land, he [Moriera]encounters the sometimes startling intolerance of their ultra-orthodox communities who will do whatever they can to take more".

In particular, Moriera's film looks at the situation in Hebron, where three illegal colonies are located inside the largest city in the Occupied West Bank.  Moriera examines the "street-by-street apartheid" imposed on Palestinians who have always lived in Hebron.

The film exposes the fantasy of so-called "peace process" and "two-state solution" with Al Jazeera noting in their introduction to the film: "With every square metre of territory that is taken, with every Palestinian olive grove that is burnt down, or house that is demolished, the land available for an independent Palestine state shrinks a little more".

I have embedded the film below. It runs for 48 minutes and well worth watching.

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Journey into an Invisible War: 48 minutes

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