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Call to Action: Stop Prawer! Stop Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Bedouins

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as many of you will be aware, the Israeli state is seeking to ethnically cleanse more than 40,000 Palestinian Bedouin from their homes and land in the Naqab (Negev) desert.   For the last year or more, Palestinians both inside the Zionist state and in the Occupied Territories have been protesting against what will be Israel's biggest mass expulsion and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian since 1948 and 1967.  Several national days of actions have taken place and another national and international day of action has been called for the 30th of November, 2013. 

I have included below the call to action, as well as links to my previous posts on the Prawer Plan.  In addition, I have included a news report from the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz which reports on an Israeli cabinet decision on the weekend to ethnically cleanse a Palestinian Bedouin village which has existed since 1956 and replace it with a Jewish only community.  

The Palestinian village of Umm al-Hiran is one of hundreds of "unrecognised villages", many of which have existed prior to 1948 or were established by Palestinian Bedouin in the wake of the 1948 Nabka after they had been  ethnically cleansed from their original place of residence and had become internally displaced refugees.   Israel has refused to recognise these villages and while the residents of the villages pay taxes to the Israeli state they are not afforded the same facilities other Israeli townships are - ie. access to the electricity grid, water grid and public infrastructure (such as roads and public state funded buildings).

The cabinet decision to demolish Umm al-Hiran and replace it with a Jewish only community is a prime example of Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

Join the international day of action against the Prawer Plan and Israel's planned ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouins.  You can do a range of things to support the action: Organise a street action/Organise a public campaign stall/Write a letter to your local newspaper/Ask your union/church/community group to support the Stop Prawer campaign/Write a blog post/Share the call to action via twitter and facebook/Share information and articles about the campaign and what the Prawer Plan means via social media etc.

Please see my previous post of my article, "Israel to escalate ethnic cleansing", published by Red Flag which gives an overview of the Prawer Plan and its impact (click here)

For more information on the Prawer Plan and previous days of action please see my previous posts on Live from Occupied Palestine:

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Stop Prawer Plan: Call to action on November 30th

On 24th of June, the Israeli Knesset approved the Prawer-Begin plan, which if implemented will result in the destruction of more than 35 unrecognized villages in Al-Naqab and the forced expulsion and confinement of more than 70,000 Palestinian Bedouins. The Prawer plan is the largest Israeli land-grab since 1948. It epitomizes the nature of Israel’s policy; Israeli-Jewish demographic expansion and Palestinian-Arab demographic containment.

The International community has repeatedly called on Israel to halt the implementation of the Prawer Plan due to its discriminatory nature and the severe infringement it causes on the rights of Palestinian Bedouins in Al-Naqab. The UN committee on the elimination of Racial Discrimination called on Israel to withdraw the proposed legislation of the Prawer Plan. Also, in 2012, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling on Israel to stop the Prawer plan and its policies of forced displacement and dispossession.

Injustice, humiliation and forced displacement are a recurring theme in Palestine’s history. This is lesson that we as a group of youth take to the heart. We will oppose, resist and work against the continuous assault that our communities, across Palestine face. Therefore, we launched the “Prawer will not pass” campaign with an eye to preventing this plan to be yet another chapter in Palestine’s long and tragic history.

Opposing the Prawer Plan is to oppose ethnic cleansing, displacement and confinement in the 21st century.

Join us by organizing marches, protests, sending letters to those with positions of influence in your country or community, by doing whatever you can, in order to force Israel to stop the Prawer plan.

Join us on the 30th of Nov. in saying “Prawer shall not Pass”.

For more information, please contact us on:


Unauthorized village makes cabinet agenda even though its future is in the court's hands.

By Shirly Seidler | Nov. 10, 2013, Haaretz
Israel's ministers voted in a special cabinet session on Sunday to demolish an unauthorized Bedouin village and replace it with a religious Jewish community. 

The session was held at Midreshet Ben-Gurion at Sde Boker in the Negev. The new community on the site is to be called Hiran. 

The Bedouin village slated for demolition, Umm al-Hiran, is one of a number of Bedouin communities that were settled without permits. 

The cabinet had already approved a blueprint known as the "Prawer plan," which calls for the resettlement of large numbers of Bedouin from unrecognized communities to recognized Bedouin villages. 

In this specific case, the cabinet met to discuss the fate of Umm al-Hiran even though its future is the subject of a Supreme Court case, which is scheduled to be heard next week.

Residents of the village have been offered a number of alternative places to live, but they plan to demonstrate at the courthouse against what they claim is discriminatory treatment by the state. 

The proposed construction of Hiran and three other new communities in the Negev won cabinet approval more than a decade ago, in 2002. Late in 2009 the National Council for Planning and Building gave its approval to build Hiran on the northern Negev site east of Meitar.

The core group of families slated to move to Hiran are national religious Jews, who are to be joined by secular residents moving to the site from Meitar itself. 

The village of Umm al-Hiran was established in 1956 as a place of residence for Bedouin from the Abu-Alkian tribe who had left a site near Kibbutz Shoval in the northern Negev, apparently due to conflicts with a neighboring clan. Umm al-Hiran is now home to about 500 people, but like other Bedouin villages that lack official recognition as local municipal communities, it lacks infrastructure and electricity. 

Sources at Adallah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, said Sunday that the establishment of Jewish communities in the Negev at the same time that the government is advancing the Prawer plan reflects a racist approach toward the Bedouin residents of the Negev. Instead of displacing the indigenous population of Bedouin, the sources said, the government should engage the community in a dialogue over an alternative to the Prawer relocation plan. 

The group organizing the demonstration at the Supreme Court, the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality, called the proposed demolition plan for Umm al-Hiran a policy that promotes social inequality between Jews and Arabs instead of seeking to bridge social disparities

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