Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Red Butterfly Effect, politics, pop culture, life the universe & everything: introducing a supplemental blog.

UPDATE (16 December 2013):  When I started Red Butterfly Effect, I decided to try out using Tumblr as my main platform.  After four months, I have decided I am much more use to full text blogs/platforms, similar to this one used for Live from Occupied Palestine. While I have decided to retain my Red Butterfly Effect tumblr page, I have now also set up a standard text blog which the tumblr will redirect too.  Over the next week or so, I will be updating the new text platform for Red Butterfly Effect with posts already existing on the existing tumblr platform.  As mentioned in my original post (see below), I would love it if you would come visit me over at Red Butterfly Effect occasionally as well.

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Dear friends,

I have been blogging about Palestine since 2004, with a previous blog called Palestine Eyewitness and now with Live from Occupied Palestine since 2007.  It has been wonderful experience and fantastic that so many people have visited this site. It is something I appreciate very much.  I intend to keep blogging on Palestine and hope that you will all continue to support this blog.  

While Palestine is the focus of a great deal of my political activism, I am also active in other political campaigns and activities as well and I have an interest in a range of political issues, both in Australia and Internationally. For sometime, I have been considering starting a supplemental blog to allow me to blog about other political issues, as well as other things that interest me.  In particular, I am a big pop culture fan, including being a fan of sci-fi and sci-fantasy, Korean dramas and many things geek.  After months of procrastination, I have finally decided to get around setting up a second/supplemental blog.

I will continue to blog here about Palestine at Live from Occupied Palestine as I have always done, but I will also be blogging about "politics, pop culture, life, the universe and everything" on my new blog and Tumblr page, Red Butterfly Effect.  I would love it if you would come visit me there occasionally.

Red Butterfly Effect, as I note in my "about" page (click here),is an outlet for me to ramble, muse and rant about politics and pop culture, as well as anything else that may take my fancy. Some posts will offer a more substantial political analysis about current political happenings, social phenomenon, pop culture or whatever else takes my interest, while other posts will not be as substantial and might just be about taking the piss, having a laugh and sharing things I love and enjoy, warts and all.

While I will occasionally post material on Palestine there - it will mainly be related to culture and other issues - I will continue to primarily blog about Palestine at Live from Occupied Palestine. 

Red Butterfly Effect is still a very new project but you will find there already a number of posts, including:
  • a comment piece on the Zionist appropriation of Palestinian culture
  • a brief review of the new Angela Davis documentary: Free Angela and All Political Prisoners
  • some of my favourite poems and music (with more to come)
  • stuff I love from the world of geek (with more to come)
Please continue to visit me here at Live from Occupied Palestine and please consider also visiting me at Red Butterfly Effect (and following RBE if you are also on tumblr).

In solidarity, Kim

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