Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Letter From a Prison Cell (Resala Min Zenzana) - song by DAM

Dear friends, 
please find below a new track from my favourite Palestinian hip hop band, DAM.

"A Letter From a Prison Cell" (Resala Min Zenzana) is DAM's first single from their new album, featuring Trio Joubran, Bachar Khalifé., Nibal Malshi and Ibrahim Sakallah. DAM had released the song earlier than planned in support of the Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike, in doing so DAM noted "we are adding our voices to their call for justice and demands for their legal rights".

"A Letter From a Prison Cell" tells the stories of three prisoners who refuse to be ignored and become another statistic. They have written letters to the outside world and the song voices those words.

In the blurb accompany the track, DAM gives special thanks to Addameer, the Palestinian organisation for political prisoner rights (for more info click here)

Written by : DAM  Produced by : DAM & Anan Kusseim
Oud: Trio Joubran  Percussions : Bachar Khalifé.

For more info on DAM, visit their official website here

And for those either new to DAM's music or fans of their older material here are a couple of DAM's other tracks including: Born Here - a song performed in Arabic and Hebrew about Palestinians living inside Israel and filmed in their hometown of Lod, as well as Freedom for My Sisters which features Safa' Hathoot from the all female Palestinian rap group, Arapyat  (unfortunately, I couldn't find a video for Freedom for my Sisters with subtitles but you can read an english translation of the words for the song on DAM's website here)

Born Here

Al Huriye Unt'a (Freedom for My Sisters)

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