Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Al Nakba 2007, Ramallah

May 15 - Al Nakba
Between April and May, 1948 more than 750,000 Palestinian Arabs were displaced and dispossessed from their ancestoral homes in Palestine in the lead up to and after the creation of the Israeli state. Today, Palestinian refugees number more then 6 million persons around the world.
While Israel celebrates "independence day" and the creation the Israel state, the Palestinian people refer to the day as "Al Nakba", the "catastrophe".


Dan said...

750,000? That's an exaggerated number, detached from any sane historical account.

Michael Sol said...

"The Arab Israeli Conflict" David W Lesch, Oxford University Press, 2008

Page 145: "According to most sources, 700,000 - 750,000 Palestinians either were forced out of their homes or left of thier own accord..."

Is the suggestion that some lessor number is acceptable?